Keisuke Yamagishi - Chef cuisinier chez restaurant étude

Chef Cook at etude
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Simple cooking is the most complicated.

Keisuke Yamagishi

Keisuke Yamagishi is a native of the province of Nagano, situated in the central region of Japan where he developed a deep sensitivity for nature and rurality.

His early fascination with the richness of French cuisine and his innate capacity to reinvent his works led him to the opening of his own establishment in late 2013, following years of training under outstanding chefs practising their art in Tokyo and Paris, the city where he settled ten years ago.

In the creation of his menus, Keisuke Yamagishi demonstrates a rich creativity which arises from his unrelenting quest for the perfect culinary harmony, emulating Frédéric Chopin, whose preeminent Études was his inspiration for the name of the restaurant.


Keisuke Yamagishi receives his guests in a sleek minimal setting which reflects the essence of his cuisine. The modern comfort of the cream and grege space radiates serenity. Nevertheless, those gourmets remaining in ignorance of the recent changes will struggle to find fault with the new menus and those delighted with chef Yamagishi’s new direction will not be foregoing pleasure, taste and the flavour remain king for this master of creation. Sauces and emulsions have lost none of their creaminess or foaming texture. Desserts remain meltingly soft and crunchy in turn. Keisuke Yamagishi’s philosophy is to gather his guests together around a cuisine of choice, prestigious produce, all the while respecting the individual’s principles and health.

Lunch menu €80
Diner menu €88,€130,€160


Burgundy is the guest of honour in the wine cellar where an extensive collection of Grand Cru from excellent vintage slumbers, bearing witness to chef Yamagishi’s affection for this exceptional wine-growing region. Be that as it may, this passion does not exclude eclecticism: Bordeaux, Vallée de la Loire, Vallée du Rhône and Languedoc Roussillon are all represented on the fine wine list on which established vintages rub shoulders with innovative artisanal wines, and where the remarkable rhymes with moderation.

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