TABLE - restaurant étude

1 star michelin 2018-2021

Keisuke Yamagishi receives his guests in a sleek minimal setting which reflects the essence of his cuisine. The modern comfort of the cream and grege space radiates serenity while the elegant Sylvie Coquet porcelain dishes add a minimalist refinement to the tables’ elegance.

Nevertheless, those gourmets remaining in ignorance of the recent changes will struggle to find fault with the new menus and those delighted with chef Yamagishi’s new direction will not be foregoing pleasure: taste and the flavour remain king for this master of creation. Sauces and emulsions have lost none of their creaminess or foaming texture. Desserts remain meltingly soft and crunchy in turn.

Chef Yamagishi works only with renowned suppliers; sourcing, Challans duck from Maison Burgaud, Culoiseau fattened chicken, line-caught fish from Bretagne and even horticultural produce from  Thierry Rian and Anna Shoji.

Keisuke Yamagishi’s philosophy is to gather his guests together around a cuisine of choice, prestigious produce, all the while respecting the individual’s principles and health.