CUISINE - restaurant étude

We offer a tasting of fresh local products over a 100km radius


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Livraison possible sur Paris à partir de 100 € d’achats
Vous pouvez envoyer vos commandes par sms au 0651198680 ou WhatsApp




*A vegan tasting is possible if it’s asked in advance by the time you make your reservation

Composed of seasonal vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, rendered sublimed by choice virgin almond, walnut, hazelnut and pistachio oils. Our green and white asparagus, green peas, turnips, spinach and chicory are sourced daily from the very best local producers as the tnire suite of products served at ETUDE’s tables.


Burgundy is the guest of honour in the wine cellar where an extensive collection of Grand Cru from excellent vintage slumbers, bearing witness to chef Yamagishi’s affection for this exceptional wine-growing region. Be that as it may, this passion does not exclude eclecticism: Bordeaux, Vallée de la Loire, Vallée du Rhône and Languedoc Roussillon are all represented on the fine wine list on which established vintages rub shoulders with innovative artisanal wines, and where the remarkable rhymes with moderation (an assortment of twenty wines priced between 40 and 60 euros). Those who are fond of surprises can let themselves be carried away by wine and courses pairings, seduced by organic wine served by glass.